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Updated: Mar 19

We have been informed that the pub site has now been re-sold, but, we do not yet know who the new buyer is, there are many rumours including that it has been bought by a " pub development company " if this is true then there is every chance that we will still have a pub in Howe Bridge.

The Bowling Green is safe and arrangments has been finalised to ensure that we will have Power, Water and Toilet facilities at the green, so, whatever happens bowling will still be available.

The green is now open and the first league match is on Wednesday March 27th in the Parks League, the Midweek League starts on April 2nd,

New members will be very welcome, please just turn up

Middle of January 2024 it was announced that the Gardeners Pub was closing on January 22nd, there had been rumours around for a while that the pub would be up for sale but what happened shocked everyone.

The pub was sold before anyone found out any details of the sale, and, the company that bought the pub and all of the land around the pub was planning to build houses on the site, fortunately for the bowling club they had a very secure long term lease on the bowling green,vehicular access to the green and a small area for parking, this couldn`t be used unless the bowling club surrendered the lease AND THAT WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

The problem with the pub closing was regarding the water and electricity supply to the green, it would be disconnected, and, there would be no toilet facilities.

Water was not a prblem and we had an excellent generator for power, but, we would have to solve the problem of having no toilet facility.

BUT, before we could sort anything out we were informed that the company who bought the pub had changed their minds and they sold the pub onto a company that developed and renovated properties to create pub restaurants / gastro pubs so, there is now the possibility that we will still have a pub and the use of its facilities, fingers crossed that this sale goes ahead.

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