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Updated: May 21, 2021


COVID PANDEMIC We have continued to work on our village projects throughout the pandemic, although, with the Covid restrictions it has been difficult at times, but, we have successfully managed to maintain all of our village sites to the very high standard that is expected.

MEMORY TREE We planted a Flowering Cherry Tree { Prunus Subhirtella Pendula Rubra } at side of our shield, on Leigh Road, Howe Bridge at entrance to Howe Bridge leisure centre, this was to be a memorial tribute.

The message reads,

“ In memory of everyone we have loved and lost during the Covid Pandemic years of 2020 / 2021 “

THANKYOU N H S To show our appreciation of the amazing commitment, skills, compassion and sacrifices that have been made by members of the

N H S, CARE SERVICES, SUPPORT SERVICES, AND EVERYONE who has given so much to so many during the Pandemic years, we put a “ THANKYOU NHS “ sign overlooking the Howe Bridge Shield

CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS We did extensive displays for the Christmas period with a rooted Christmas tree that Will continue to grow and be used for many years. Part of the display was a trail of the “ Twelve days of Christmas “ that covered the whole corner, plus, almost every tree was decorated.

EASTER DISPLAYS These were on Colliers Corner and the Shield, we re-designed the Howe Bridge Shield to show the Holy Sepulchre as an Easter display, we received over 1500 complimentary comments on social media.

CENOTAPH We made, donated and sited Plant boxes for the bases of the Flag Poles In the Cenotaph Gardens and continue to maintain and improve the gardens, a weekly inspection is made to ensure that everything is okay.

On the boxes the message “ WE WILL REMEMBER THEM “

POPPY TRAIL We created a Poppy Trail throughout Howe Bridge to commemorate “ Remembrance Day “ the trail is from St Michael`s & All Angels Church to Atherton Cenotaph, the trail was a Collaboration between the Bridgers Community Group and our local elected Councillors.

WEBSITE Now “ live “ this is the window for the world of the Bridger activities, History, diary, achievements, aims & objectives.

It is also a celebration of the village of HOWE BRIDGE.

GREEN FLAG ONCE AGAIN, We were awarded a “ GREEN FLAG “ for Colliers Corner, and ONCE AGAIN, this wasn`t recognised or celebrated by WIGAN MBC ????

CROWDFUNDING Result & reason for appeal, Although we had an EXCELLENT RESULT, it was very challenging with funding our Planning application out of our own pocket and finding donors, but, we have successfully met our target.

Our reason for the appeal was to create appropriate storage facilities to enable us to carry on working efficiently and safely.

PLANT SALE This is being held on Bank Holiday Weekend MAY 29th , 30th & 31st at Atherton Town FC, Butler Park, Eckersley Fold Lane, Howe Bridge, behind Howe Bridge Leisure Centre to raise funds for Howe Bridge projects, to create new and continue the maintenance of existing projects.

DEMENTIA BUDDY GUARDIAN ANGELS It has been a very challenging year for both our Memories Tea Room volunteers and the people we support who have Dementia, Mental health issues and other health issues that we support.

We have used social media tools to help, we have weekly Zoom / Whatsapp / Telephone meetings that are open to anyone who needs us, we keep in constant contact with the most vulnerable to ensure that they are safe and well, we have also had a few open air meetings, adhering to Covid rules of course, during the year we did over 130 General Knowledge Quizzes, this helped us to not only keep in touch but it helped to stimulate people into activity. with the quiz questions we gave advice and tips on how to combat loneliness and depression because of the necessity to " shield " and refrain from socialising and mixing with other people.

Our phone number and other contact details were publicised regularly and quite widely and we encouraged anyone who needed help to contact us at any time we were needed.

Unfortunately Memories Tea Rooms had to close and this slammed the door into the faces of many people who used the tea rooms as their only contact with other people, our luncheon clubs & coffee mornings were also cancelled, it was very difficult telling people that they could no longer attend all of the dementia care events and programmes.

GOOD NEWS, We have now been given permission to re-open the tea room and continue with our very popular Coffee Mornings and Luncheon Clubs, the anticipation and excitement is immense.


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